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Rich Gas Facility

   Statoil Rich Gas Production Facility, Kårstø, Norway

      For this project GDM provided the scan data for the entire project utilizing the Leica HDS 4500. This project was undertaken as a qualified partner with Grenland AsIs and Blom ASA. GDM captured as built data on 13 units.  Data collection was accomplished two days ahead of schedule through a collection schedule that ran 24 hours per day for 28 consecutive days.  This project was considered successful to the extent that Statoil decided to scan and model the remainder of the entire +100 acre facility.

Archaeological Mapping, Texas

                This project required GDM to capture data for two different disciplines that were involved at an archaeological dig in central Texas. The site was a former mud sink that had trapped and now held the fossils of a saber toothed cat, several wooly mammoths, and various other fossilized remains. GDM established GPS control onsite and scanned the site with a Leica HDS 3000. The resulting data was used by Baylor University’s archaeology department for study and demonstrative purposes. The data was also used by Cotera + Reed Architects as the basis of their design for a museum that is to be built around and containing the exposed dig area.


Mammoth Fossil
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